Feb8 | 2012
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Tech Tip: Keep your device’s battery charged to keep HELO TC flying

Hey, everyone.  Mike from Customer Support here.

If you love HELO TC as much as we do, you know how heartbreaking crashes can be, and since HELO TC uses audio signals from the app to control the craft, any interruption can result in disaster.  You’re already putting your device into Airplane Mode to prevent phone calls, texts, and other interruptions from sending your copter into a tailspin, but here’s one more tip to keep your HELO flying:

If your iOS device’s battery starts to run low, you’ll get a pop-up letting you know that your battery is at less than 20%.  If this message comes up while your flying your HELO TC, it will interrupt the audio signal from the HELO TC app and the next thing you know . . . death from above.  To keep this from happening, make sure you’ve charged your iOS device all the way up before you start flying.

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