New cases for the New iPad. Or iPad (3rd generation). Or iPad 3. In any case, here’s what we know.

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  • JohnK

    “most Griffin cases for iPad 2 will fit the new iPad” umm… maybe you could, like, list the ones that definitely fit so we know which ones to order? Just sayin’.

  • Sioda

    QUESTION RE: THE “SURVIVOR” CASE:  Based on the above post by Griffin, indicating that “most Griffin cases for iPad 2 will fit the new iPad,” can Griffin (or someone else) confirm that Griffin’s “Survivor” case for iPad 2 will fit the new iPad?  Thanks.

  • HP

    There is a lot of talk that iPad 2 cases will not work with the new iPad as the magnets that work the auto wake feature have moved in the device. Could you please tell me which of your cases are the best fit/will work with the wake feature correctly?

  • Rich

    New iPad is thicker by .8 mm, NOT the .6 mm you estimated! So, will the Grip Vue case
    properly fit the New iPad??

  • Griffin Technology

    Hi Sioda.  Yes, in fact, Survivor for iPad 2 fits iPad 3 just fine.  Thanks!  ^WebW

  • Griffin Technology

    HP – we got a list from our QA guys late Friday evening of those cases that fit and work with the iPad’s Auto-Wake feature based on actual product testing with the new iPad.  I’ll post that list in a new blog post this morning.

  • Kelly M. Spore

    That’s good to hear that it fits. 2 questions: 1) I’ve read the camera connection kit does not fit using this case 2) does the case use the magnets to lock/unlock, if so does that work on the iPad 3?

  • Griffin Technology

    To take the most advantage of the sleep/wake function on your iPad 2 or iPad 3, we recommend our IntelliCase.  It combines the protection of a hard shell for your iPad with a fold-away cover that works with the Sleep-Wake feature on your iPad 2 or iPad 3.  

    Here’s a link:


  • Griffin Technology

    Hi Rich.  The Grip Vue is not a Griffin product, so I can’t speak to its fit.  Thanks.  ^WebW

  • Josh

    The new iPad fits in most cases designed for iPad 2 without any trouble. Although some cases designed specifically for the ipad 3 will stick out a little over the top when using an ipad 2, depending on the design.