stylus mouthpiece

Designed to be held in mouth

The comfortable Y-shaped stainless steel mouthpiece is designed for comfort, stability, and control. BPA- and latex-free cushion sleeves allow a secure non-fatiguing grip on the mouthstick that's easy to maintain without strain during extended use. Plus, the sleeves are removable, thus easy to keep clean.


Balanced with the
touchscreen user in mind

Unlike other mouthsticks, the Griffin MouthStick Stylus is designed and engineered for both touchscreen and button manipulation. It returns total control of the user experience to those with motor disabilities. The conductive rubber tip works with all capacitive touchscreens commonly found on tablets and mobile devices.

User-customizable angle
for keyboards

The flexible aluminum gooseneck shaft allows each user to set the tip angle that's most natural, most comfortable, and most effective. The lightweight aluminum shaft at the end of the food-grade stainless steel mouthpiece confers the delicate balance needed for fine control of buttons, touchscreen, and even laptop keys and other touch-sensitive surfaces such as Apple's Magic Mouse.

Mouthstick stylus specs


  • mouthpiece Food-grade stainless steel
  • mouthpiece sleeve Latex- and BPA-free silicone rubber
  • stylus tip Conductive silicione rubber
  • gooseneck stylus shaft Aluminum with rubber sleeve


  • total length 12 in (30.5 cm)
  • width of stylus 6mm (a little under 1/4 in)
  • width of mouthpiece 3 in (7.6 cm)


  • Passed REACH, RoHS, Prop 65

competitive matrix

product Griffin
MouthStick Stylus
iFaraday Mouthstick Etsy iPad
Mouthstick Stylus
type of mouthpiece Y-shaped mouthpiece designed for comfort and control Stick Stick and plastic Y-shaped mouthpiece attachment
mouthstick length 12in 9-18 in 12in
adjustable for both
touchscreens & buttons
Yes No No
tip material Conductive silicone rubber Conductive fabric Conductive fabric
replacement tip Yes Yes No
certification details
available on website
Yes No No
msrp $29.99 $20.00 $45.00

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