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How to enable your iPhone's microphone for iTalk Recorder in iOS 7 and 8

To allow iTalk recorder to have access to your iPhone's microphone, simply go to your iPhone's Settings>Privacy>Microphone and enable iTalk Recorder.

NOTE FOR iOS 7 and 8 Users: When launching this app for the first time (either as a new purchase or following your device's OS upgrade), please tap OK when iTalk requests permission to access your device's microphone. If you're experiencing blank recordings, please ensure Microphone access is enabled. To do this, go to Settings>Privacy>Microphone and enable iTalk.


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How can I use multipoint pairing?

SmartTalk Solar's Multipoint Pairing feature allows you to connect two Bluetooth-enabled iPhones or smartphones for receiving incoming calls on both phones simultaneously. When Multipoint Pairing is enabled, SmartTalk Solar will automatically connect to the last two paired phones for incoming calls.

To activate Multipoint Pairing, press and hold the "+" button for three seconds until you hear a series of tones. Then, pair the first phone with SmartTalk Solar as directed in the manual. To pair the second phone, first put power off SmartTalk Solar by pressing and holding the Multi-Function Button until you hear a beep and the blue light stops flashing. Next, press and hold the Multi-Function Button until the red and blue LEDs start flashing (about 5 seconds), then pair with your second phone as directed in the manual. Finally, go back to the first phone you paired and connect to SmartTalk in your Bluetooth settings. Multipoint Pairing is now activated.

Once Multipoint Pairing is activated, you can answer incoming calls on either paired phone, as well as switch back and forth between calls. Let's call your two paired phones "Phone A" and "Phone B".

To answer a call on either phone, press the Multi-Function button once.

If you're on a call on Phone A, and you have an incoming call on Phone B, you can answer or reject the call on Phone B.

  • To answer the call, press the press the Multi-Function button twice to hold the call on Phone A and answer the call on Phone B.
  • To reject the call, press and hold the the Multi-Function button for about 3 seconds to reject the call on Phone B.
  • To switch back and forth between the call on Phone A and the call on Phone B, press the Multi-Function button twice.
  • To end a call on either phone, press the Multi-Function button once to end that call and return to the call on the other phone.

Can I use Final Vinyl in Lion, Mac OS 10.7?

Final Vinyl is not currently supported for use in Lion. Apple's AU audio effects do not appear to be working properly when Final Vinyl is run in OS 10.7. Other than those specific effects, though, the other basic functions of Finyl Vinal work just fine in Lion. These include recording, editing, and exporting audio files. Final Vinyl's own effects and filters, such as EQ, Volume, and Normalize also work.