CES 2012

Audio Amplifier for Airport Express

The good speakers miss you.

Use your speakers for the ultimate in untethered digital playback from iTunes and AirPlay-enabled apps.

Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Award Winner

Audio and MIDI + Charging Dock for iPad

Play your audio and MIDI instruments directly into GarageBand

HELO TC Assault

Missile-launching RC Helicopter

Control the helicopter and attack on the fly with your iPhone or Android smartphone

Crayola MyPhones

Volume-limited headphones and earbuds
for kids

The colorful safer way to listen. Design your own headphones or use a "crayon" to carry in-ear phones

Crayola Cases

Colorful hardshell protection

The only cases colorful enough to be called Crayola.

AppPowered is colorful!

Apps and accessories for iPad 2 and iPod touch

Unlock a world of color and creativity on your iPad. Play with pictures, go crazy with color and make a one-of-a-kind case.

Case Collection
New for 2012

New directions in color, texture and style

Secure display mount
for iPad 2 and iPad

Use your iPad in commercial, medical, retail and other high-traffic locations

Woogie 2!
The huggable, squeezeable AppPowered case

More than just a case, the Woogie app makes this a friend.

Same precision. Same control.

New Colors for Spring 2012, including Peacock, Pool Blue, Leaf, and Blazin' Yellow.

Power by Griffin
Charging and power wherever you're headed

Full power in a compact package

Travel Accessories
Updated mounting and handsfree solutions

The best seat belongs to your iPhone or smartphone

Travel Tray Mount
Airplane seatback mount for mobile devices

Now your e-reader or smartphone can enjoy the flight, too

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  • Twenty
  • StudioConnect
  • HELO TC Assault
  • Crayola MyPhones
  • Crayola Cases for iPod touch
  • Crayola Apps
  • Spring Case Collection
  • Kiosk for iPad 2
  • Woogie 2
  • Stylus
  • Chargers for iPhone and iPad
  • Travel Accessories
  • Airline Tray Mount

See you next year!

CES is always a great kickstart for our new year and 2012 was no different. The stream of visitors to our booth at CES was non-stop all week long. We won some awards. We hobnobbed with the tech elite. Spontaneous music and dancing broke out. Thanks to everyone who came by. See you next year!



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Twenty Audio Amplifier for Airport Express


StudioConnect and MIDIConnect Introduced

HELO TC Assault

Missile-launching HELO TC Assault Debuts

Griffin & Crayola

New Crayola Apps and Accessories Unveiled

Spring Case Collection

Spring Case Collection Fashion Trends


Kiosk: Secure iPad Display for Businesses

Auto and Travel

Travel Accessories Rolled Out for CES