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The Original iTrip


The original FM transmitter

Griffin gave birth to the wireless in-car connectivity segment with their introduction of iTrip, the first wireless way to play music from an iPod on your car stereo. Dozens of iTrip models later, iTrip has grown into the world's leading in-car solution for playing your iPod, iPhone, smartphone or digital music player.

Now, Griffin's incorporating Bluetooth connectivity and handsfree calling in products like iTrip DualConnect so using your iPhone or smartphone in your car is easier and less distracting than ever before.


iTrip + AHA Radio
for iPhone and iPod touch

You know that iTrip is the world's most popular FM transmitter. Now, we've partnered with Aha Radio to make your iTrip experience even better. Aha by Harman delivers your favorite content to your iPhone and organizes it into personalized, live on-demand stations. Aha even reads your social feeds to you. So all your favorite stuff is just a tap away.

And, when you connect iTrip to your iPhone, Aha adds an easy-to-use iTrip Controller interface to its options. Auto-scan for an open frequency or choose one of your presets to play everything you're hearing on Aha through your car stereo via iTrip's powerful built-in FM transmitter.

Learn more about Aha Radio at aharadio.com.


iTrip Controller
Control iTrip from your MultiTouch display

iTrip™ Controller makes the newest version of the world's most popular FM transmitter even easier to use with your iPhone or iPod touch.

Plug in your iTrip and use your iPhone or iPod's MultiTouch Display to tune, scan for clear frequencies and display the current station iTrip is using to play your music wirelessly on your FM stereo. SmartScan finds frequencies with the tap of the screen, or you can use iTrip Controller's big friendly knob to tune in. Includes three user-programmable pre-sets so you can recall clear frequencies with a tap of the screen.

* iTrip Controller only works with iTrip models introduced after September 2009

Itrip Controller
Itrip Itrip Da

iTrip DA
for iPhone and iPod

We've paired a powerful FM transmitter with an intuitive interface for your MultiTouch display, so playing your iPhone or iPod on any FM radio (car or home stereo, boombox, whatever) is super easy. Load the app, plug in iTrip, tap to scan for stations and within seconds, you're listening to your tunes over your FM stereo or radio.

Shop iTrip DA on the Griffin Store


iTrip Auto
universal plus

Griffin pioneered in-car iPod play with its original iTrip FM transmitter. Now iTrip features an inline remote control, assignable presets and app integration to make this the most power iTrip ever.

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Itrip Itrip Auto Uni
Itrip Itrip Dc

iTrip DualConnect
for iPhone and iPod

Power and play your iPhone or iPod on your car stereo thorugh AUX in or FM. The choice is yours. iTrip DualConnect is perfect for traveling when you don't know what kind of stereo your rental car will have. And Griffin's iTrip Controller app moves control onto your iOS device's MultiTouch display.

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