The best way to listen to music in your car

Since 2001, the iTrip has been the world's leading in-car solution for playing your iPod, iPhone, smartphone or music player. The iTrip family includes FM transmitters, Bluetooth receivers, Aux-In controllers, and other ingenious ways to play your music in your car.


iTrip AUX with Bluetooth

Plug iTrip AUX Bluetooth into your car's AUX-in port using the included cable and you get the cleanest, best-quality wireless audio connection from your Bluetooth-capable tablet or smartphone to your car stereo.

Using iTrip AUX Bluetooth, you can stream your music library or enjoy music services like Pandora and Spotify on your car stereo.

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iTrip AUX Autopilot

Connect the Lightning connector to your iPhone, and connect the AUX jack to the AUX-in jack on your stereo. That's it! Play music from iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and more, all while charging your phone. The built-in track controls making controlling your music easy, and disconnecting is as simple as unplugging your iPhone.

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Let's take a trip…

Griffin gave birth to wireless in-car connectivity with the introduction of iTrip, the first wireless way to play music from an iPod on your car stereo. Dozens of iTrip models later, iTrip has grown into the world's leading in-car solution for playing your iPod, iPhone, smartphone or digital music player.


iTrip debuts and hooks the world on in-car iPod play without wire

  • 2001
    iTrip Timeline
  • 2001

    iTrip debuts and hooks the world on in-car iPod play without wire

  • 2003

    iTrip gets updated for iPod with click-wheel

  • 2004

    iTrip Mini shows off new curves modeled on Apple's iconic iPod Mini

  • 2005

    Our first dock connector-attached iTrip adds a handy LCD screen for easier tuning

  • 2006

    iTrip gets out of the car and on to home radios and stereos with our first portable dock-connected model

  • 2007

    We welcome iPod nano with a slender new design and SmartScan for easier station finding

  • 2008

    iTrip Autopilot adds push button controls and tactile feedback

  • 2009

    iTrip plays on, refined and redesigned with more features than ever

  • 2010

    iTrip Auto Handsfree answers the call with handsfree ways to play and talk on an iPhone and smartphone

  • 2011

    iTrip DualConnect puts you in control with two ways to play your iPhone and iPod

  • 2012

    AHA Radio and iTrip Controller offer 2 convenient, app-powered ways to control your iTrip

  • 2013

    iTrip is updated with a Lightning connector, making it a great option for newer iPhone and iPad models.

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iTrip Controller + Aha radio

For an iTrip that sends your music to an FM radio, the iTrip Controller App is a free, convenient way to control your iTrip.*

To make your iTrip experience even better we’ve partnered with Aha by Harman to deliver your favorite content to the iPhone. Organized into personalized, live on-demand stations, Aha even reads your social feeds to you. So all your favorite stuff is just a tap away.

*Works with iTrip FM transmitters introduced after September 2009.

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See iTrip Aux Bluetooth, iTrip Aux AutoPilot, and all of Griffin's iTrip models for iPhone, smartphones, tablets and more. Find the iTrip that's right for you.

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