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Cases and sleeves made of paper that’s water-resistant,
tear-resistant, and just waiting for your creativity to bring it to life.

Papernomad Tootsie iPad folio case
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Materials & Features



This renewable fiber used in the pull-strap makes removing your device quick and easy.


Wool Blend

We use non-static, non-scratch felt instead of petro-intense synthetic fleece.


PLA Padding

Polylactic acid, made from corn starch, tapioca root / sugar cane, impacts the environment less than cotton.


The Paper

A special composite combining paper pulp and a corn-derived bio-plastic.

Water Resistant

Don’t put it in the washing machine. But a coffee spill or rainy day? Your Papernomad will dry and cope.

Tear Resistant

Created from several layers of paper and biopolymers, it resists rips and tears.


A blank Papernomad beckons you to draw, paint, sticker, and create something no one’s seen before.

Made in Europe

Offered exclusively in North America by Griffin Techology.

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Designed with passion, manufactured with love.


Based in Europe and offered in North America exclusively by Griffin Technology, Papernomad are socially conscious designers, marketing professionals, artists and one or two lunatics. Their passion is to question existing systems and design sustainable solutions with respect to social and environmental issues.