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Griffin’s Lovable, Huggable Woogie Family Grows, with New Characters – Zee and Fee – Fuzzy Friends that House iPhone and iPod Touch

Half case, half huggable friend, all fun – Zee and Fee come to life with new version of the interactive Woogie app

Nashville, TN – October 4, 2012 – Griffin Technology, one of the world’s foremost creators of tech innovations for everyday life, debuted two new Woogie characters. Meet Zee and Fee – an adorable pair of fuzzy friends that not only protect iPhone and iPod touch devices, but also come to life thanks to the new Woogie App. The app turns them into interactive playmates with funny faces, moods and feelings, and even the ability to communicate with nearby Woogies via Bluetooth.

Zee and Fee, designed for kids, house iOS devices behind a soft, see-through plastic window that protects the Multi-Touch display and provides an opening to plug in a pair of headphones. Five floppy legs position Zee and Fee perfectly in your lap or on a table for watching video and playing games.

The new Woogie App, available as a free download from the iTunes App Store, gives Zee and Fee the biggest personalities in the Griffin Woogie family. They love to be fed, groomed and taken on imaginary adventures to places like Space or the Beach. Bluetooth allows Woogies to interact with each other when they are together. Just tap the icon that appears when Woogies come together and they’ll start chatting and telling jokes (and you can listen in).

The new Woogie App allows users to enjoy a variety of new activities with their Woogies, including:

  • Choose a face to match your Woogie.
  • Poke, tickle and shake Woogie to see how it reacts.
  • Feed, dress and groom Woogie, with a wide variety of accessories and foods to choose from within the app.
  • Tuck Woogie in at nap time. If you’re quiet you might hear it snore! But if you forget to take care of your Woogie, it might get grumpy!
  • Your Woogie knows when other Woogies are around and likes to chat with them.
  • Take Woogie on adventures to places like Space, the Beach and the Grocery, each with different games, foods and toys. Several adventures are included (play Bubble Pop in the Backyard, or Woogie Boogie at the Beach, and in Space play the Woogie Jump game), with more adventures available as in-app purchases (the Hungry Woogie game in the Grocery Store, and the Home Run game at the Baseball Field).

Woogies Zee and Fee, $24.99, are available at For more information about Griffin Technology, visit

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