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Griffin and Threadless Create Awesomeness for iPhone 4 and iPod touch

Nashville, TN — November 18, 2010 — Griffin Technology Inc., maker of innovations for everyday life, today announced Griffin + Threadless Cases for iPhone 4 and iPod touch (4th generation). The prolific Griffin + Threadless Co-Op Initiative is bringing the awesome to Apple's latest handheld devices with a collection of new t-shirt-inspired designs: Everyday Life Would Be Cooler with Sound Effects, Radio-Activity (Spread Music Love), and Sky Thief for iPhone 4; and Splatter in D Minor, Rock is Dead and Paper Killed It, Electric Jellyfish, IceCreamCheerleadingStunt, and FrequenCity for iPod touch. Images of the entire collection are available at

"The Griffin + Threadless Case is a favorite with our customers, thanks to its low-profile, solid construction, and variety of designs,” said Jennifer Weller, Marketing and Communications Manager at Griffin. “The new cases for iPhone 4 and iPod touch are an exciting way to give your device distinction while protecting it.”

The Griffin + Threadless recipe is simple: take a super-slim case from Griffin, and add original art from The Griffin + Threadless Case snaps around your iPhone 4 or iPod touch to provide protection from dust, dings, and boredom. The unobtrusive design adds less than 1 millimeter of thickness to your device, and allows access to the dock connector, controls, cameras, and headphone jack.

Original art for each case is crowdsourced from the community, submitted and selected by community members. Each design is best described in the words of the artist:

Everyday Life Would Be Cooler with Sound Effects:
"How funny would it be if every time mundane things happened, sound effect text appeared?" - Joshua Kemble

Radio-Activity (Spread Music Love):
"It's about metamorphosis of pleasure, senses, and spreading music love." - Gianbattista Bonavita

Sky Thief:
"I believe someone steals the stars and brings them back to light up their home." - Chow Hon Lam

Splatter in D Minor:
"From utter chaos descends all beauty." - Joshuah Howard

Rock is Dead and Paper Killed It:
"I can't think of a better way for someone to advertise their superior taste in music and their love of rock-paper-scissors at the same time." - Rob McFadden

Electric Jellyfish:
"This is all about old skool bitmaps and gradients used to convey electricity differently to the norm." - Adam Wilson

"If ice cream scoops had faces, hands, and legs, this is exactly what they'd be doing." - Ava-Marie Guerro

"This was influenced by antennae forms, the artist group Ant Farm's Media Burn, Nam June Paik's work, and the Monty Python sketch with the penguin." - Dan Rule

For more information about the cases, the artists and t-shirts behind the designs, and the Griffin + Threadless Co-Op Initiative, visit

Pricing and Availability
The new Griffin + Threadless Cases for iPhone 4 and iPod touch, $34.99, are now available at

About Threadless
We’re not your average t-shirt company. The designs on Threadless tees are sourced from an ongoing open-call for t-shirt submissions from a worldwide community of amazing artists and designers. Once submitted, our community of over 1 million members casts votes that help decide which designs become Threadless tees. Threadless began in 2000 as a hobby and has since become the poster child for the power of crowdsourcing: integrating the involvement of a passionate, authentic and highly active community into every aspect of our business. In other words, we're all awesome together! Join the awesomeness at

About Griffin Technology
Founded, like many other delicious things, on a kitchen table in 1992, Griffin Technology Inc., is today one of the world's largest providers of personal computing and digital media accessories. Unique and prolific products such as iTrip, PowerMate, iFM, iMic and Evolve have inspired numerous accolades and frequent imitation. Today, Griffin products are conceived, designed and developed in-house and continue to push the envelope of the industry they helped create. The Co-Op Initiative marks another step forward, pairing Griffin engineers with top fashion, art and cultural innovators to create personal technological statements. Learn more about the Co-Op Initiative, as well as Griffin's entire range of ingenious designs, at

© 2010 Griffin Technology Inc. Co-Op Initiative is a trademark of Griffin Technology Inc. Threadless is a trademark of skinnyCorp, LLC. All designs copyright by owner. iPhone, iPod, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. All other product names and trademarks are property of their respective companies.

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