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Griffin Continues Expansion of CE Solutions for iPod and iPhone

See all new products at CES Booth #72425 in Sands Convention Center.

LAS VEGAS, NV – JANUARY 7, 2008 – Griffin Technology, maker of all things iPod, today announced its 2008 line-up for the Consumer Electronics Show. This year, Griffin brings a mix of new and updated products that span iPod and other popular music players, as well as iPhone.

“CE retailers have come to recognize us as an innovator as well as a company that supports its existing product line,” Paul Griffin, founder of Griffin Technology. “This year, we are focusing on updating our core products to reflect the changing marketplace, while introducing several new products.”

New products for the year include:

iTrip® AutoPilot with SmartScan™
Griffin’s premium in-car iPod play solution allows drivers to play AND control an iPod while charging its battery. iTrip sends the music wirelessly to the car’s FM radio so the user can listen through the car's stereo speakers. RDS technology shows song information on RDS-enabled car radio displays. SmartScan is a trademarked feature that automatically finds the best FM frequency, making it the easiest-to-use FM transmitter on the market. And Au¬toPilot is a cigarette-lighter/12V power adapter that adds playback control buttons within easy reach for the driver; and it gives the user tactile feedback, especially important while driving. iTrip AutoPilot with SmartScan lets users stash their iPod out of sight in the glove box, and still have complete control over playback.

Evolve™ add-on speakers and charging base
Griffin wowed show-goers at the 2007 Macworld Expo with the introduction of the Evolve Wireless Speaker System. At this year's CES, Griffin extends users' Evolve options by offering additional speakers and charging bases, which can be purchased separately or as a bundle. Evolve is an open-ended system that lets users add a limitless number of speakers, all working together through a single wireless Base Station. Each Evolve cube speaker carries its own long-lived lithium-ion battery that can deliver up to 10 hours of playtime per charge. Users can play in mono mode to hear all the music through a single speaker, or pair additional speakers to the Base Station as either Right or Left channel stereo speakers. Speakers can be located in any room of the house, up to 150 feet away from the Base. Along with new speakers, users can avoid traffic jams at the charging station by adding a single speaker Charging Base. Speakers charge by just sitting on top of the charging base. Users can place charging bases in different rooms of the house for convenience.

TuneBuds™ Mobile
iPhone users need more from a set of earphones than just great sound. TuneBuds Mobile gives users the same quality they've come to expect -- rumbling lows and crisp highs, superior audio isolation, and outstanding comfort -- and adds Griffin’s new ControlMic: a high-sensitivity microphone and control module. The result is great sound and iPhone control in one. In Phone mode, ControlMic’s single button answers incoming calls or sends them to voicemail. In Music mode, the same button sends commands to play, skip or pause a music track. Griffin TuneBuds Mobile is a full-function headset, and a sound investment to go with any user's iPhone.

Griffin SmartTalk turns any user's favorite set of earphones into a full-function headset for iPhone. SmartTalk combines an iPhone-compatible headphone adapter with a noise-canceling microphone and a control module. Users can plug any earphones into SmartTalk and retain all the functionality of their iPhone. With iPhone in music mode, SmartTalk’s control button lets the user Play, Pause, Skip forward or backward. When a call comes in, the same but¬ton gives the user the option of answering the call or sending it to voicemail. More than just a headset upgrade, SmartTalk lets the user's own favorite earphones work smarter.

PowerJolt® SE
A super-affordable charger specially designed for all dockable iPod models to charge through a car’s 12V power outlet or cigarette lighter. PowerJolt SE's one-piece construction features a non-detachable Dock Connector cord, and premium features like low-profile design and a 3-color charge status light.

PowerBlock® Dual Universal
Griffin's popular PowerBlock AC charger is twice as useful in 2008, with two USB charging ports. Users can charge two MP3 players or other USB devices at the same time, from any AC outlet from 100V to 240V. PowerBlock's flat non-polarized prongs are designed to work easily with most international plug adapters, and the built-in LED shows that PowerBlock is ready to charge.

PowerJolt Universal
For the world of MP3 players and other devices that get their power through USB: users can plug their device’s USB cable into PowerJolt and charge from almost any vehicle cigarette lighter or 12V accessory socket. Convenient features include a charge status LED and replaceable auto fuse to protect the user's circuitry.

PowerDuo™ Universal
At home, at work, or traveling in between, PowerDuo Universal has the user's charging needs covered. The package combines Griffin's PowerBlock Dual AC adapter and PowerJolt 12V charger, to provide power for any device that gets its juice through a USB port, almost anyplace.

Pricing and Availability

iTrip AutoPilot with SmartScan, $99.99, available Q2

Evolve add-on speakers and charging base, available March as a bundle or individually:

  • 2 speaker and charging base pairs, $199.99
  • Individual speaker, $99.99; Individual charging base, $29.99

TuneBuds Mobile, $39.99, available late January

SmartTalk, $19.99, now available and shipping

PowerJolt SE, $19.99, available March

PowerBlock Dual Universal, $24.99, available late February

PowerJolt Universal, $14.99, available March

PowerDuo Universal, $34.99, available March

About Griffin Technology
Griffin Technology has earned its reputation as the creative leader in ingenious peripherals and accessories for Mac, PC, MP3, iPod and iPhone. Find out more about Griffin's entire range of products at

© 2008 Griffin Technology, Inc. TuneBuds, PowerDuo, SmartTalk, and Evolve are trademarks, and PowerBlock, PowerJolt, and iTrip are registered trademarks of Griffin Technology, Inc. iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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