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Griffin to Develop radio SHARK HD, featuring HD Radio Technology

NASHVILLE, TN - January 8, 2007.

Griffin Technology Inc., creator of innovative accessories for Mac, PC and iPod, today announced plans to develop radio SHARK HDTM, a digital table top radio for Mac and PC with HD RadioTM technology.

radio SHARK HD--like Griffin's radioSHARKTM and radio SHARK 2--will house a radio tuner in a sleek "shark fin" that connects to the USB port of a Mac or PC. With radio SHARK HD users will be able to listen to their favorite AM/FM stations in pure digital audio quality, conveniently from their personal computers. With next-generation digital HD Radio technology from iBiquity, digital FM stations approach CD-quality sound, and digital AM stations approach FM-quality sound.

HD Radio technology also makes "multicasting" possible, allowing broadcasters to double or triple the number of program streams (all free, of course) available to listeners. With innovative hardware-software integration from Griffin, next-generation digital radio becomes truly interactive. radio SHARK HD will allow users to "pause live radio," and to schedule recordings of digital radio programming. radio SHARK HD will go further by automatically identifying radio stations and even individual songs broadcast in digital format.

Finally, radio SHARK HD will allow users to review and playback music recorded from digital radio on a personal computer, sync recordings of digital radio programming to an iPodTM, and purchase songs heard on digital radio from Apple's iTunes Music StoreTM.

About Griffin Technology
Griffin Technology has earned a reputation as the creative leader in ingenious peripherals and accessories for your digital lifestyle. Find out more about Griffin's entire range of products for audio, video, computers, gaming and more at www.griffintechnology.com.

About iBiquity Digital Corporation and HD RadioTM Technology
iBiquity Digital Corporation is the sole developer and licensor of the HD RadioTM system, which is powering the AM/FM digital radio revolution. This transformational technology allows AM and FM stations to broadcast digital signals in tandem with their analog signals, providing broadcasters with a platform to offer multiple programs streams on the same frequency (multicasting), crystal-clear, CD-quality sound, on-demand services such as real-time weather and traffic updates, and scrolling text and graphics content. Over 1,000 stations are on the air available to 90% of Americans, with more than 400 offering multicasting channels. Find out more about iBiquity and HD Radio technology at www.ibiquity.com.

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