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Griffin Technology Announces FM Radio Experience for iPhone and iPod

Navigate Inline Controller Receives FM Radio and Allows Users to Control iPhone and iPod While They Are Stored Safely Away

iFM App for iPhone and iPod touch Gives Users Direct Interaction with Radio; Controls FM Radio From Navigate

SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD 2009 – JANUARY 6, 2009 – Griffin Technology Inc., creator of all things iPhone and iPod, today announced the availability of its Navigate inline controller and iFM app for iPhone and iPod touch. Navigate delivers FM stereo radio and offers a remote control for any recent-generation iPod or iPhone model. The iFM app can be used as a companion to any FM radio to display song titles, program information, etc.

Griffin’s Navigate and iFM App work wonderfully as standalone products, but when paired together, iPhone and iPod touch enthusiasts have an unparalleled FM radio experience. The iFM app works as a touchscreen interface for Navigate’s FM radio tuner and displays detailed song information.

“We are presenting broadcast radio to our users in an entirely new way,” said Paul Griffin, founder of Griffin Technology. “Furthermore, by leveraging Mediaguide’s airplay metadata, people can easily attain info for all their favorite audio content.”

“We are pleased to provide Griffin Technology with real-time information within the iFM app,” said Michael Morin, SVP Sales and Business Development for Mediaguide, Inc. “Users can now accurately see on their iPhone or iPod the content playing around the country on 2,550 stations in 150 U.S. markets.”

The iFM app for iPhone and iPod touch brings together radio programming and Internet-accessible metadata to provide a comprehensive media stream. The application identifies a listener’s geographic location to deliver a tuning menu with local radio stations, or the user may select their city from a list – finding available stations while traveling has never been easier. Listeners will even be able to bookmark songs for purchase on the iTunes Music Store.

As a standalone accessory, Navigate – with its built-in FM tuner – works with both iPod and iPhone to deliver Play, Stop, Pause, Forward, Backward and Scan controls, as well as access to album and artist listings, playlists, shuffle modes and EQ settings. It allows users to tuck their music devices out of sight while still retaining access to its controls. The integrated OLED display mirrors info from the iPhone and iPod, so viewing content such as track time and song titles is easy, even with the device placed in a pocket or backpack.

Navigate Inline Controller Key Features

  • Compact and lightweight remote control and radio for iPhone and iPod
  • FM radio receiver with RDS and station presets for iPod and iPhone
  • Built-in two-line OLED display provides content and navigation information
  • Integrated clip attaches to straps or belts

iFM Application Key Features

  • Provides content information for over 2,550 stations nationwide using Mediaguide’s real-time data
  • Displays title, album and artist for audio content currently playing
  • When paired with Navigate, iFM works as a touchscreen control interface
  • Listeners can bookmark songs for purchase on the iTunes Music Store.

Pricing and Availability

Griffin’s Navigate, $59.99, is now available at major retailers and on Griffin’s website. Griffin’s iFM application will be a free download from the iTunes App Store in March ’09.

About Griffin Technology
Griffin Technology has earned a reputation as the creative leader in ingenious peripherals and accessories for Mac, PC, iPod and iPhone. Find out more about Griffin's entire range of products at

About Mediaguide
Mediaguide, which was jointly formed in 2002 by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), has developed, operates and licenses proprietary audio and video fingerprint technology and monitors over 2,700 college, non-commercial and commercial radio stations for music, advertisements and speech. The company provides the most comprehensive, accurate, timely and reliable airplay data products for advertisers, broadcasters and content owners. Learn more about Mediaguide at

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