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Griffin Technology Partners With Landmark Digital Services to Create Innovative Audio Monitoring Hardware

Nashville, TN - August 7, 2009 - Griffin Technology Inc., the creative leader in accessories for iPhone, iPod, Mac and PC, has teamed with audio recognition technology company Landmark Digital Services, LLC®, to develop a high-capacity broadcast tuner with interchangeable modules. WhaleSHARK is a multi-signal listening device configurable to support AM/FM radio, HD radio and TV, multi-stream broadcast monitoring and consumer devices.

WhaleSHARK marks a strategic expansion for Griffin Technology, from consumer electronics to the professional audio hardware market, and offers notable improvements over prior broadcast monitoring devices. Landmark Digital Services, owner of BlueArrow® audio pattern-recognition technology, has partnered with Griffin to design the fully customizable device. WhaleSHARK is derived from technology first developed for Griffin's radioSHARKTM, a unique desktop device The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg once called, "TiVo for your radio." The technology is limitless in terms of its capacity, as well as the different types of media supported for broadcast monitoring and logging, advertising verification and content identification.

Landmark Digital Services, a subsidiary of performing rights organization BMI, has deployed WhaleSHARK in remote listening sites throughout the United States and internationally, to monitor broadcasts and identify musical works represented by BMI. Plans are underway to install the devices across European markets in the coming months.

Prior to WhaleSHARK, standards for large-scale broadcast monitoring were based on PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) bus technology, which is expensive, complicated and difficult to program. It is also vulnerable to timing issues as the scale of monitoring increases. WhaleSHARK's USB platform, by contrast, is flexible, relatively inexpensive, easily scalable, and future-proof. With this new system, cards on the carrier board can be easily reconfigured for any combination of tuner modules and uses. The plug-and-play, hot-swappable nature of USB enables a single tuner module to be replaced without taking the system offline, and allows maintenance and upgrades to be installed with no interruption, all at a much lower cost than previously possible.

"We pride ourselves in a tradition of creating consumer electronics from the ground up," said Mark Rowan, Director of Product Development at Griffin Technology. "WhaleSHARK is the continuation of our acclaimed radioSHARK in a premier piece of commercial-grade audio equipment."

"WhaleSHARK is the result of an innovative partnership between Griffin's radio detection hardware and our BlueArrow audio recognition technology," remarked David De Busk, Landmark's VP of Business Development. "Industry-leading technology and design are changing the way we do broadcast monitoring."

WhaleSHARK, a revolutionary solution for media tracking, high volume signal acquisition, and consumer multi-media devices, has patents pending in the US.

About Landmark Digital Services

Landmark Digital Services offers advanced audio recognition products and services for content providers, copyright owners and consumers of music and digital entertainment. Landmark's patented BlueArrow® digital audio pattern-recognition technology has established a reputation for unsurpassed accuracy in providing real-time, high-volume audio identification. Landmark Digital Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Broadcast Music Inc.

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