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Griffin Unveils AirCurve and Clarifi at Apple Expo Paris

Acoustic Amplifier and Case with Close-up Lens Add to Griffin's Line of Creative, Innovative iPhone Accessories

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Paris, France - September 17, 2008 - Griffin Technology Inc., creator of all things iPod and iPhone, today unveiled its latest innovative iPhone accessories at Apple Expo Paris. AirCurve, Griffin's breakthrough acoustic amplifier dock, actually amplifies and projects the iPhone's sound without speakers or the use of electricity. Also introduced today, Clarifi is a protective case for iPhone that features a built-in lens for close-up photography.

"AirCurve and Clarifi build on Griffin's line of revolutionary, unique accessories for iPhone and iPhone 3G," said Paul Griffin, founder of Griffin Technology. "AirCurve is the perfect addition to an iPhone user's home, allowing them to listen to their music on the iPhone without powered speakers or earphones. And with Clarifi, iPhone lovers can now enjoy their iPhone camera with more close-up detail."

AirCurve for iPhone and iPhone 3G
AirCurve collects and amplifies the sound from the built-in speaker of the iPhone and projects it into the room, delivering amazing amplification that sounds like desktop speakers. A coiled waveguide within AirCurve's base eliminates the need for batteries or power adapters. AirCurve is ideally suited for desktop use, amplifying the sound sufficiently to serve as an alarm clock in the bedroom. AirCurve is made of translucent polycarbonate that lets you appreciate the graceful curves within that magnify the sound. AirCurve also includes a pass-through slot allowing you to charge and sync your iPhone using a Griffin Dock Connector Cable (available separately).

Clarifi for iPhone 3G
Clarifi is a protective case that boasts a built-in lens to give the iPhone camera lens an optical boost. The lens slides into place for close-up shots, and then slides aside for normal photography. Clarifi allows you to move in to a close 4 to 6 inches, for crisp detail and accurate color; the iPhone camera alone is limited to about 18-inch close-ups. Clarifi's case design, of course, allows for complete access to power switch, headphone jack, volume controls and touchscreen. Clarifi features Griffin's trademark EasyDock design -- simply slip off the case bottom to charge and sync, with no need to remove your iPhone from its case.

Pricing and Availability
Griffin's AirCurve, $19.99, and Clarifi, $34.99, will be available in October at major retailers and on Griffin's website,

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