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Griffin Upgrades TuneFlex for iPod

NASHVILLE, TN - March 15, 2007

Griffin Technology Inc., creator of all things iPod, today announced its TuneFlex AUX is now shipping. TuneFlex AUX is a flexible charging cradle with line-out audio. TuneFlex provides a custom-look, in-car mount that charges the iPod as it plays over the car's stereo.

The updated product line now includes an auxiliary-in cable to accommodate the growing segment of auxiliary input-enabled cars. TuneFlex AUX creates the high quality of direct, line-in sound on a flexible charging cradle for iPod.

TuneFlex AUX

TuneFlex is an elegant and versatile accessory for iPod, designed with newer automobiles in mind. TuneFlex plugs into the car's 12 Volt accessory outlet to power and charge an iPod while holding it at a convenient position in front of the dashboard or console. A light at the base of TuneFlex's adjustable neck shows power status at a glance. Its charging circuitry is even equipped with a replaceable auto fuse to keep the iPod safe from power spikes.

Charging is only half the picture; TuneFlex is equally flexible at getting the music from the iPod to the car stereo. A built-in 1/8" stereo line-out audio jack and included cable enable the user to attach an iPod directly to the car stereo's auxiliary input jack (hence the "aux" in the name). For cars that don't have an aux-in port on the car stereo, TuneFlex has a pass-through dock connector so you can use it in conjunction with Griffin's iTrip FM transmitter.

The flexible TuneFlex AUX is available in two sizes; TuneFlex AUX for iPod nano and TuneFlex AUX for iPod with video.

Features at a Glance

  • Works with your car stereo's auxiliary input jack for best possible sound
  • Strong, flexible stem adjusts to any angle
  • Charges your iPod while you use it
  • Pass-through dock connector allows unimpeded access to iPod dock connector for devices such as Griffin AirClick, iTrip, and others
  • Low/High audio output switch ensures strongest, cleanest sound with your audio system
  • Video pass-through feature lets you watch iPod video on an external monitor or TV screen

Pricing & Availability

Griffin's TuneFlex AUX for iPod (9557-5GTFLXAUX) and TuneFlex AUX for iPod nano (9556-NTFLXAUX), both priced at $49.99, are now available and shipping. Find them on Griffin's website, and at major retailers throughout the globe. For more information, please visit

Product Summary

TuneFlex AUX for iPod with video
Compatibility: Designed for iPod with video (5th gen); Works with iPod with color display (4th gen), iPod Photo (4th gen), iPod nano (2nd gen) - when used with included adapter
Availability: Available immediately at physical and on-line retailers;
MSRP: $49.99

TuneFlex AUX for iPod nano
Compatibility: Designed for iPod nano (2nd gen); works with iPod nano (1st gen)
Availability: Available immediately at physical and on-line retailers;
MSRP: $49.99

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TuneFlex and iTrip, are trademarks of Griffin Technology, Inc. iPod is a trademark of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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