Griffin Support

Can I use the iMic with a Cisco server?

This is not a supported use of the iMic, and has not been tested by Griffin. However, the Griffin iMic USB sound card continues to be supported by Cisco for use as an MOH live feed source with Cisco CallManager Release 3.3(5) and later, and with Microsoft Windows 2000 (OS 2000 version 2.7 or later). Cisco supports the iMic on all Cisco MCS-78xxH or MCS-78xxI servers with 3.0 GHz or greater processor.
For help on using the iMic in these environments, please contact the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) or Cisco customers can contact the TAC at one of the following numbers:

USA: 1-800-553-2447
Australia: 1-800-805-227EMEA: +32-2-704-55-55Asia-Pacific: +61-2-8446-7411