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Griffin Support

Does iTalk Pro require software?

No, iTalk does not require any additional software to work. Your iPod normally includes the necessary software that allows iTalk to record onto it. Your iPod must be updated to at least Version 1.1.1, however. From the main iPod menu, go to Settings > About to see if your iPod has this update.

If your iPod needs to be updated and you have iTunes 7, just connect your iPod to your computer. If your iPod summary does not appear, click on your iPod in the column on the right. Under the Summary tab, you will see the option to Update or Restore. Choose Update.

If your iPod needs to be updated and you have iTunes 6 or older, go to http://www.apple.com/ipod/download/ to download the iPod Updater from Apple's website. After installing, you will be prompted to either restore or update your iPod. Choose Update.

Once you've updated your iPod, disconnect it from the computer and plug iTalk onto it.