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HELO TC isn't responding to the app! [Android]

Here are a few troubleshooting steps to try.

First, perform a restart of your device. Power your Android device completely off and remove the battery for 20 seconds, then power the device back on. This will ensure any apps running in the background that could cause a conflict are closed out.

Next, check the batteries in the Flight Deck. Make sure that the + and - ends of the battery match up with the red + and - indicators on the flight deck. Also, sometimes the battery contacts on the battery door can get flattened out and result in a poor connection. Try bending those out slightly to maximize the contact between the battery and the Flight Deck.

Before you connect the Flight Deck, make sure you've got the most up-to-date version of the Helo TC app, and check the settings inside the app to make sure you have the correct version of the HELO TC selected (HELO TC vs. HELO TC Assault). Next, make sure to put your phone into Airplane Mode to avoid any interruptions during your flight. It's also a good idea to remove any cases you may have on the device, as sometimes they can hinder the Flight Deck's plug from fitting into your audio jack snugly.

Once the Flight Deck is connected to your Android device and the HELO TC app is launched, make sure the volume on your device is turned all the way up. If your device has a setting for Volume Limit in the audio settings, make sure that the volume limit is set to off. If the volume is not all the way up, the Flight Deck may not receive the commands that the app is sending. Some Android devices also have an additional audio setting, so we can try this: Go to Settings> Media Audio Effects> Wired Stereo Devices and turn off "Enable Audio Effects". If your device has Dolby Effects, make sure this is turned off, as well.

Once you've checked all of this, connect the Flight Deck in the manner indicated in the User Guide, and turn the volume up all the way in the HELO TC app. The IR light signals generated by the Flight Deck aren't visible to the naked eye, but can be seen by many digital cameras, such as the webcam on your computer. If you have a webcam, turn it on and take a look at the Flight Deck while app is open and the "Lift Off" slider is all the way up. If you see the lights flashing, that means that the Flight Deck is working.

If you don't see the lights flashing, or you don't have a webcam but HELO TC is still not working, please contact our Support Team for further assistance.