Griffin Support

HELO TC isn't responding to the app!

Here are a few troubleshooting steps to try.

First off, check the batteries in the Flight Deck. Make sure that the + and - ends of the battery match up with the red + and - indicators on the flight deck. Also, sometimes the battery contacts on the battery door can get flattened out and result in a poor connection. Try bending those out slightly to maximize the contact between the battery and the Flight Deck.

The next thing to check is volume. Even if the volume on your phone is all the way up, there's still a chance you're not getting maximum volume output if you are using an iPhone. To find out, go to your iPhone's settings. Under settings, go to iPod and make sure that Volume Limit is set to Off. If it's not, select Volume Limit and slide the slider all the way to the right. This will make sure that your device is generating sufficient volume to send the signal to Flight Deck.

Once you've checked all of this, connect the Flight Deck in the manner indicated in the User Guide, and turn the volume up all the way in the HELO TC app. The IR light signals generated by the Flight Deck aren't visible to the naked eye, but can be seen by many digital cameras, such as the webcam on your computer. If you have a webcam, turn it on and take a look at the Flight Deck while HELO TC is open and the "Lift Off" slider is all the way up. If you see the lights flashing, that means that the Flight Deck is working.

If you don't see the lights flashing, or you don't have a webcam but HELO TC is still not working, please contact our Tech Support team for further assistance.