Griffin Support

How do I tune my iTrip?

Please start by downloading and installing the latest software from our website.

Once the software is installed you should have a playlist titled "iTrip Stations" in the Source list on the left side of the iTunes window. You need to sync your iPod with iTunes to transfer those files. Apple's website has a tutorial on how to transfer music here.

Once the stations are transferred to the iPod you can follow these steps to tune the iTrip.

  • Turn the volume on the iPod all the way up.
  • Navigate to the iTrip Station Playlist. Choose the station you want with the center "select" button.
  • The file is only about 5 seconds long. When your iPod gets about halfway through playing the file, the iTrip will be flashing rapidly. Tap the pause button to stop playback.
  • You should see 3-4 slow blinks. This means the two devices are now communicating. The static on the radio should get quiet and your iPod should still be paused. You can now go back and play a song.