Griffin Support

How do I use iTalk Sync?

Using iTalk Sync is simple and straightforward.

When you run iTalk Sync, it will immediately scan your local Wi-Fi network to find any iPhone (or 2nd generation iPod touch) that is running iTalk. So make sure your iPhone or iPod is awake and talking to the network, is not in AirPlane Mode, and is running iTalk. (Going forward, all instructions referring to "iPhone" should be understood to apply to 2nd generation iPod touch, as well, unless otherwise noted.)

  • If iTalk Sync finds more than one iPhone, it will show you a list.
  • Double-click on the name of the iPhone you want to connect with.
  • Your iPhone will show you a message that your computer is attempting to connect with it. Press Yes or No.
  • When you okay the connection, iTalk Sync will show you a list of the recordings stored on your iPhone. To transfer the recordings to your computer, simply use your mouse to drag them out of the list and onto your desktop.

Your recordings will be transferred as high-quality AIFF files, which you can play in iTunes or in most other media players. iTunes will give you the option of burning your recordings onto audio CDs, or converting them to a different format such as AAC/MP3, for use with portable music players.

You may want to convert your files; in general, AAC/MP3 files take up less storage room than AIFFs. If you plan to edit your recordings further, keep the original AIFFs and convert a copy of the edited version as AAC/MP3.