Griffin Support

My computer and iPhone cannot find each other on my network.

The following only applies to version 1.0 of iTalk. Updated software should not exhibit this problem.

When this happens, there is usually a non-alphabetical character in either the name of your computer or the name of your iPhone. For example, "Rachel's MacBook" has an apostrophe, which is a character that is not recognized by the XML language the two devices need to communicate over the network.

If you are sure that you're only using alphabetical characters in the name of your computer and iPhone, it could be that you have a recording with a non-alphabetical character in the name or notes. To test this out, follow these steps:

  • In the iTalk App, delete all your recordings. (Don't worry, this will just move them into "Delete recordings," so you can recover those files when you are done.)
  • Once those files are deleted, try making a short test recording. Nothing fancy, just 5-10 seconds of audio. Leave the title and the notes field blank.
  • Try syncing and transferring that one file.

If you're successful in transferring this test file, undelete the files you deleted one by one and try transferring those in the same way. If you come to one file that will not transfer, it may have a character in the name or in the notes that is causing the problem, like an ampersand (&) or an apostrophe. Try deleting that character and then try to re-send the file.

This limitation has been addressed in updates, and only applies to those who have not updated the iTalk app on their iPhone.