Griffin Support

Should the iTrip station files show up as songs on the iPod?

Yes. This is due to the fact that the station files are basically dummy songs. Because of this, it's not possible to keep them from showing up in the "songs" listing on the iPod. Therefore, if you play the iPod in shuffle mode, these station files will manage to pop up during playback. There are two ways around this-
You can delete the files from the iPod after the iTrip is correctly tuned, but that keeps you limited to using just one radio station. If you do any kind of traveling, you'll eventually run into an area that is using the same frequency on the radio. Obviously, this method is probably not going to work for a lot of our customers. The better solution would be to create a Smart Playlist in iTunes, that will automatically update itself. In iTunes, simply create a New Smart Playlist with the three fields: ARTIST, DOES NOT CONTAIN, GRIFFIN TECHNOLOGY. This will, of course, create a playlist that excludes the station files, but if LIVE UPDATING is checked on, will always include any new music obtained by the user. Simply start the iPod up on this new playlist and you'll be able to keep the music going nonstop!