Griffin Support

StudioConnect with Lightning doesn't seem to be charging my iPad!

A firmware update can fix issues with intermittent charging. Here's how to update the StudioConnect firmware using Griffin's Utility app:

  1. Download Griffin Utility from the App Store.
  2. Connect your StudioConnect to your iOS device.
  3. Open the Griffin Utility app. "StudioConnect" should appear. Tap "StudioConnect".
  4. Tap "Update Available".
  5. Tap "Install". Utility will update the StudioConnect firmware. Do not leave the app or disconnect StudioConnect during this process.
  6. Once the update is complete, and "Firmware Update Successful" is displayed in the app, tap "Done". Exit the app and verify that the iPad is now being charged.

If you're still experiencing trouble with StudioConnect after this update, please contact our Customer Support team for further assistance.