Griffin Support

Will Survivor work properly with my Galaxy S4?

Phones from some carriers may experience limited proximity sensor functionality while using this case.

  • AT&T: Proximity sensor will not function properly with white Galaxy S4 phones. This affects air gestures, as well as screen sleeping during phone calls. This issue does not affect black phones.
  • Sprint: Screen will sleep normally during phone calls, but will not turn on automatically after calls end. The home button must be pressed to reactivate the screen. This issue only affects white phones, and does not affect black phones.

For best results, we recommend installing the case first, then calibrating your gestures. To do this, go to Settings, then, select My Device, then Motions And Gestures, then Air Gesture, then Quick Glance. Finally, press the Try It button, read the two messages that will pop up, and go through the gestures.