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    Four layers of protection

    1. Shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame with foam inserts
    2. Rugged shock-absorbing silicone
    3. Screen protector with fingerprint scanner
    4. Sealed plugs for connectors and ports

    Rigorously designed and tested to protect your phone from the harsh outside world.

    It's called "All-terrain" for a reason.

    Whether you’re at work on the job site, out on the trail, or dropping off the kids at practice, Survivor All-Terrain is rugged enough to protect your phone wherever you go.

    Functional details.

    • Belt clip and stand

      Detachable heavy-duty clip secures to a belt or bag, and rotates into a stand for viewing video.

    • Covered buttons and switches

      Sealed volume buttons, Ring/Silent switch and Power switch protect without limiting functionality.


    All-access functions

    • Multi-touch screen protection

      Scratch-resistant polycarbonate protects while you use your touchscreen.

    • Fingerprint scanner

      Unlock your phone with the built-in fingerprint scanner.

    • Rotating Camera Cover

      Camera cover easily rotates out of the way.