In your pocket.

Pictures, contacts, email, video. Protect
what’s important and carry it with you…
Survivor Skin slips into your front pocket
no matter how skinny your jeans.

6 Foot Shock Drop and Vibration Protection

Tough enough.

Survivor Skin earns its name,
shrugging off the worst kind
of dropped call from 6 feet.

Survivor Skin to withstands
rigorous drop and impact
tests outlined in the U.S.
Department of Defense’s

+ Ports for front & back cameras
+ Tough silicone rubber absorbs impacts & vibration
+ Interior molding for shock absorption
+ Rubber button-covers protect without limiting functionality
+ Raised Home Button cover preserves full functionality
+ Open ports for easy access to controls and connectors

Keep in touch.

Most silicone skins are flabby, floppy and pick up lint at the slightest provocation. Survivor Skin is smooth and firm, easy to grip and hard to put down. And did we mention how protective it is against drops?

Compatible with your favorite devices.

Shock Drop Protection Vibration Protection


  1. Outer Skin
    Provides secure grip

  2. Inner Grid
    Absorbs shocks & vibration

DIMENSIONS For iphone 5

  • Width: 2.54in.
  • Thickness: 0.49in.
  • Height: 5.03in.
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This case has been designed to meet military standards for durability and basic protection, but no case can protect your iPhone 100% against mishap. Please exercise judgement and caution in subjecting your iPhone to potentially hazardous environments or rough handling.