Less is more (durable)

We’ve got drop protection down to a science. And now we’re making it slimmer than ever. Survivor Slim squeezes the legendary performance of Survivor into a light, easy-to-hold case that is ready to take whatever your day’s gonna spring on you. Perfect for the gym.

6 Foot Shock Drop and Vibration Protection

Drop and give me 72

Inches that is. Six feet of
concrete-mocking drop
protection. We consulted the
Department of Defense’s
Mil-Std. 810G when we
designed our drop and
vibration testing protocols.
Dropping that call just got
much less costly.

+ Ports for front and back cameras
+ Button covers protect without limiting functionality
+ Slim to slip easily in and out of your pocket
+ Raised home button keeps all functionality
+ Rigid polycarbonate shell deflects impacts
+ Touch-through screen shield protects display against scratches without sacrificing touch sensitivity

Grab it and go

Survivor Slim just feels good in your hand. We gave Survivor Slim’s silicone jacket a slight curve on the sides between the reinforced corners, and finished it with a subtle honeycomb pattern.

A little backbone
is a good thing

Don’t let the slim profile fool you. Inside is a polycarbonate shell that gives Survivor Slim (and your iPhone) protection from bumps and jolts. Together with the silicone shell, Survivor Slim delivers durable protection without bulk.

Compatible with your favorite devices.

Shock Drop Protection Vibration Protection


  1. Outer Cladding
    Silicone: absorbs shocks
    and vibration

  2. Inner Cladding
    Polycarbonate: hard plastic
    provides inner support

  3. Screen Protection
    Included screen protector cuts
    down on glare, fingerprints, and

DIMENSIONS For iphone 5

  • Width: 2.73in.
  • Thickness: 0.56in.
  • Height: 5.18in.
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This case has been designed to meet military standards for durability and basic protection, but no case can protect your iPhone 100% against mishap. Please exercise judgement and caution in subjecting your iPhone to potentially hazardous environments or rough handling.