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Guaranteed Griffin

Counterfeits. Not good for you.
Not good for your device.

Griffin products go through a battery of certifications and tests to make sure they work correctly and safely with your device. Counterfeits don’t deliver on quality, protection, or features, and are not protected by the Griffin Warranty.

How to make sure it's Guaranteed Griffin.

Griffin only sells directly from authorized retailers and from the Griffin website and authorized online marketplaces.

Find Retailers
  1. Price

    Everybody loves a good deal. But when you see a price that just seems too good to be true? It probably is.
  2. Packaging

    Is the packaging shoddy-looking, or full of errors in spelling or punctuation? It didn't come from Griffin.
  3. Materials

    Finally, examine the workmanship and materials. Do they feel or look cheap or poorly put together? Not Griffin.

Found Frauds - the Wall of Shame

Thanks to our quality assurance team, we can spot counterfeit products very easily. Some are funny or bizarre, but others may be more difficult to spot. Buying from an authorized dealer guarantees you're getting the real thing.

Buying Online:

Along with our retailers’ authorized websites, Griffin product can be purchased at our storefronts on your favorite shopping websites:

Report Counterfeit:

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    Thank You!

    We put a lot of extra time, expertise, and expense into making sure you get the best quality product. So we'd like to thank you for taking the time to make sure you're getting the real thing! If this was helpful, please help create awareness by sharing!