AirStrap 360 for iPad mini 1/2/3

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SKU: GB39054-2


The case that makes your iPad easy to use with one hand

AirStrap 360 is Griffin's case with the built-in hand strap for iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina display. It makes holding and using your iPad mini one-handed more secure and more comfortable.

AirStrap's molded frame surrounds your iPad, protecting its edges without getting in the way of controls or ports. The frame that grips your iPad also rotates, to give you the best viewing angle, landscape or portrait, with a natural position of your hand.

Slip your hand under the strap on the back, to experience the real beauty of AirStrap. The strap hugs your hand, gently but firmly, making your iPad easy to hold and hold onto, and leaving your other hand free to use your Multi-Touch display.


  • Features

    • Structured frame rotates to landscape or portrait orientation
    • Protects the edges, controls and connectors of your iPad mini
    • Contoured edges are easy to grip
    • Hand strap hugs your hand so you can hold your iPad with one hand while you use it
  • Compatibility

    • iPad mini
    • iPad mini 2