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SKU: GC41511

Magnetic cable anchors

Guide’s magnetic anchors hold down a variety of cable sizes, from a charge cable for your smartphone/tablet to larger cables like HDMI and power adapters.

Rearrangeable for any configuration

Use just one anchor, or a combination of all three.

Control your cable clutter beautifully.

Guide keeps your cables organized and under control on any surface.


  • Features

    • Size: 2.28" X 1.98" X 0.96" (57.91 mm X 50.29 mm X 24.38 mm)
    • Weight: 16 oz (453.59 g)
    • Materials: Polished steel, anodized aluminum, magnets
    • Warranty: One Year

    In The Box:

    • 3 non-skid, weighted bases
    • 3 magnetic cable anchors (S, M, L)