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Kiosk Floorstand Mount


The perfect balance of access and security.

Apple's robust iOS architecture and intuitive Multi-Touch interface make the iPad tablet ideal for use in commercial and high-traffic locations. Griffin's Kiosk mount allows the perfect balance of access and security; and it's tough enough to stand up to intense everyday use in medical settings, restaurants, retail establishments, and all kinds of public places.

Security and Protection
The Kiosk surrounds the enclosed iPad inside an impact-resistant housing. iPad and mount are both locked in place, using special security screws, to a high-strength steel armature.

The Kiosk housing protects the tablet's power connection, as well, by completely enclosing all ports. The power connector is secured within the Kiosk and routed through the steel arm for tidy installation. The Kiosk's base bolts securely to the floor, with all mounting screws hidden from view.

Access and Usability
Installation options include owner-selectable portrait or landscape viewing, with a flexible steel spring joint that allows users to swivel the head and then automatically returns the tablet to the chosen viewing angle. Three faceplates are included so the installation can selectively allow access to camera and Home button. In all installations, the steel mounting post provides a rock-steady platform for tapping.

Add Griffin's Kiosk App
Also available is the Kiosk App, which allows further customization to fine-tune the user experience. The app helps focus the Kiosk toward its intended use, and provides the tools needed for controlling multiple-Kiosk installations. Use the app to define a home URL and web domain, to time reloading of the kiosk's home page during idle time, to control web domain access, add a customized navigation bar, identify each kiosk on the network by number or name, and to report automatically if the device is unplugged, low on battery charge, or is subject to physical abuse. The Kiosk App is available for $2.99 from the App Store.

Quick Installation
Griffin's Kiosk arrives as a ready-to-install kit, complete with 3 all-purpose faceplates, a 3-meter power cable and Griffin PowerBlock AC power supply, and security and mounting hardware (including the tools) for most locations.

Whether you use it as an interactive display, as a check-in station, or as a learning tool, Griffin's Kiosk for iPad, iPad 2, and iPad (3rd generation) gives all your users the ease of use that comes with the familiar iOS interface, plus the security you need to protect these valuable assets.


  • Features

    • Secure, flexible freestanding floor mount for iPad, iPad 2 and iPad (3rd generation) in commercial, retail or other multi-user settings
    • Display iPad in portrait or landscape orientation
    • Mounted height measures about 4 feet from floor to center of iPad
    • 3 included faceplates allow controlled access to camera and Home button
    • Secured power cable, security mounting hardware, and install tools included
    • Kiosk App (a $2.99 download) allows further customization of the Kiosk user experience and control over multiple-kiosk installations

  • Tech Specs

    • Single Unit Weight (oz): 280
    • Single Unit Height (in): 47.5
    • Single Unit Width (in): 12
    • Single Unit Depth (in): 6
    • Package Contents:
      • 1 Griffin Kiosk Carriage
      • 3 Faceplates (no buttons accessible, home button or camera accessible, both camera and home button accessible)
      • 1 Silicone Insert for use with iPad 2 and iPad (3rd generation)
      • 1 Arm & Neck Assembly
      • 4 Rubber feet with adhesive pads
      • 1 Mounting Base
      • 1 3-meter charge and sync cable for iPad
      • 1 PowerBlock 100 to 240 volt AC power supply with US, EU, UK, and AUS plug adapters
      • 1 Hex wrench
      • 1 Hex socket machine screw
      • 4 Phillips wood/sheet metal screws
      • 1 Spanner-head screwdriver
      • 10 Spanner-head tamper-resistant mounting screws
      • Complete installation instructions

  • Compatibility

    • iPad
    • iPad 2
    • iPad 3

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