Hanger Cable Organizer

SKU: GC41197
Hanger Cable Organizer


Vent-mounted cable keeper

No more power or AUX cables flopping around in your floorboards with the Hanger cable organizer. Precision-molded from durable, flexible silicone, this car vent mount slides securely on to one of the fins on your car's air conditioning vents. Use the three molded-in sockets to hang your power cables and AUX cables when they're not in use, then find them easily when it's time to connect.

The Hanger weighs less than one ounce and blends easily with any car's interior. Can also be clipped onto the screen and used to capture your cables on many newer Apple laptop computers. Use with Griffin's Sleeve organizer for a clean, custom install-look in your car or truck.


  • Features

    • Custom-molded silicone car vent mount
    • Slides securely onto one of the fins in your vehicle's AC vent
    • Easy-in/easy-out sockets hold your AUX cables and power cables when not in use