USB Type C

Everything just got simpler.

USB-C is the new standard in connectivity. Combining power, blazing-fast data transfer, and video output in a small reversible connector, USB-C is the one connection to rule them all.

The new standard in connection

USB-C is a unified connector for your computer and your devices. With USB-C-compatible computers like the new MacBook and ChromeBook Pixel, gone are the days of needing different cables for your wall chargers, hard drives, and printer.

USB type-C

One cable, all of your devices

USB-C is a new type of USB connection that introduces a common connector across all of your devices. It’s faster, it’s smaller, and it’s more powerful. Simply put, USB-C is the new USB connection to rule them all.

Transfer data at Superspeed+

USB-C cables can use the brand new, blazing fast USB 3.1 Superspeed+ protocol to transfer data up to 10 gbps.

Any way is the right way

USB-C incorporates a reversible connector, which means there’s no wrong way to plug in. Upside down or right side up, USB-C cables connect right the first time, every time.