TotalGuard Self-Healing for iPhone 5


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TotalGuard Self-Healing


TotalGuard is a new approach to screen and device protection.

With simple, no-mess installation, TotalGuard puts a self-healing stretch-, tear-, and puncture-resistant film of optical-grade PET between your screen and the cruelties of the outside world. On top of the PET layer, TotalGuard Self-Healing film carries a coating that actually flows back into scratches to seal them back up as if they never happened. The film's surface repels oils, to leave it remarkably clear of fingerprints and smudges. TotalGuard protects without affecting the sensitivity or crystal-clarity of your touchscreen.

The TotalGuard package includes a reusable film for your touchscreen, plus a premium polishing cloth to prepare your screen, and an applicator card to smooth away air bubbles for a perfect installation.

For total screen protection, the answer is TotalGuard from Griffin.


  • Features

    • 100% clear optic-grade PET film is tear- and puncture-resistant
    • Outer layer self-heals, never shows scratches or abrasions
    • Oleophobic to repel fingerprints and smudges
    • 100% dry mount application, no mess, no liquid
    • Protects your touchscreen without affecting its sensitivity
    • Includes microfiber polishing cloth and applicator card
  • Compatibility

    • iPhone 5
    • iPhone 5s
    • iPhone SE