Survivor USB to Micro USB 4ft

This product is Guaranteed for Life
SKU: GC43094
Survivor USB to Micro USB 4ft


Ultra-rugged charge/sync cables • Tri-layer construction • Ballistic nylon outer cable jacket

Possibly the last charge/sync cables you'll ever need to buy. Unmatched break strength, ballistic-grade materials and Guaranteed for Life construction make Survivor Charge/Sync cables the new standard in durability and reliable service.

The completely new design surrounds the copper cores with three layers, including a wear-resistant ballistic nylon braided outer cable jacket. USB connectors are soldered and mechanically attached to the copper cores, then surrounded with metal through-connector plates for the most durable connector available. It's a design that's undergone extensive testing including heat and environmental tests, and 10,000-cycle bend testing.

The result is the only cable that is tough enough to be called Survivor.


  • Features

    • 4ft ultra-rugged charge/sync cable
    • Triple-strength cable construction, including wear-resistant ballistic nylon outer cable jacket
    • Torture tested design, including 10,000-cycle bend testing
  • Tech Specs

    • 4' cable length
    • Materials: Aluminum, TPU, braided nylon
    • In The Box: Survivor Charge/Sync Cable
    • Warranty: Guaranteed for Life (see for details)
  • Compatibility

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