Reserve® Mini Power Banks + Charge Station for Micro USB Charging Devices

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Reserve® Mini Power Banks + Charge Station


Compact power bank with built-in charging cord + charge station for Android and micro-USB

Charge your Android phones and tablets, GPS units, wearables and more in one place with our Reserve Mini Power Banks + Charge Station.

Mini Power Banks – Slip the powerful Mini Power Banks into your pocket, purse or bag so you’ve got backup power everywhere you go. With 3000 mAh charge capacity, you’ve got more than enough power to refill your phone or top out your tablet’s battery on the go. And with integrated micro-USB charge cords that can’t get lost, they’re the ideal charge partner for business trips, travel, and more.

Charge Station – Dock two Mini Power Banks at the same time with the included weighted charging base and they’ll charge 2 times as quickly as they would using a regular power supply and micro-USB cord. Two additional 1-amp USB ports mean you can charge your devices even when the Power Banks are charging.

Need charging for iOS devices? Check out our Mini Power Banks with Lightning connector, available separately. Using the same Charge Station, you can power up Mini Power Banks for both iOS and micro-USB devices.


  • Features

    • Grab-and-go power and micro-USB charge cable in one – pocket-sized mini battery pack with built-in charge cord with Lightning connector, LED fuel gauge
    • Charging base stores and high-speed charges two mini battery packs; includes two 1-amp USB charge ports for device charging
    • 3000 mAh batteries provide a full charge for Galaxy S7
    • Battery packs charge with standard micro-USB cable (included) when you're away from the Charge Station
  • Tech Specs

    Charging Station

    • Dimensions: 5" W (127 mm) X 2.5" W (63.5 mm) X 0.6" (15.24 mm)
    • Weight: 3.65 oz (103.48 g)

    Mini Power Bank

    • Capacity: 3000 mAh
    • Dimensions: 3.5" W (88.9 mm) X 0.85" W (21.59 mm) X 0.85" D (21.59 mm)
    • Weight: 2.75 oz (77.96 g)
    • In the Box: 2 Mini Power Banks, Charge Station, Wall Power Adapter, User Guide
    • Warranty: 1 year
  • Compatibility

    • Samsung Galaxy S5
    • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
    • Samsung Galaxy S7
    • Samsung Galaxy S6