Pencil Sleeve for Apple Pencil


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Pencil Sleeve


Ergonomic non-slip comfort for your Apple Pencil

Our Pencil Sleeve is the perfect comfort and function add-on for your Apple Pencil.

All-day, extended-use comfort grip – Molded from high-quality, non-slip silicone, our Pencil Sleeve’s rounded triangular cross section is gently tapered so it’s comfortable to hold regardless of hand size or grip strength.

Get a grip – Griffin’s Pencil Sleeve accommodates wide range of grip styles, making sketching, shading, coloring, detail work, stippling and all sorts of other techniques easier and more intuitive.

No to the roll – That triangular cross section also prevents your Apple Pencil from rolling off your desk and taking a potentially expensive trip to the floor.

No more lost Apple Pencil Caps – The Pencil Sleeve’s unique spiral wrap design captures and holds the included cap in place. No more lost caps when you recharge your Apple’s Pencil’s battery.

Tap and Drag Capacitive Stylus – Pencil Sleeve combines the function of your Apple Pencil with a Multi-Touch-compatible stylus. Flip your Apple Pencil over, and use the rounded end of the sleeve to tap, drap, open menus and handle other touch-based functions on your iPad Pro. You’ll be amazed at how intuitive the motion becomes.

Procreate Compatible – Make a mistake when using a pencil? In most cases, you flip the pencil over and erase the error. Pencil Sleeve’s tip does the same with Procreate and other apps that support an Erase function.


  • Features

    • Ergonomic grip for Apple Pencil
    • Premium silicone with tapered, rounded triangular cross section
    • Capture and secures your Apple Pencil's Cap against loss
    • Allows Apple Pencil to be used as a traditional touchscreen stylus when flipped over
    • Supports Erase function in Procreate and other apps.
  • Tech Specs

    • Dimensions: 6" (152 mm) L X .54" (13.5 mm) W X .54" (13.5 mm) H
    • Weight: .41 oz. (11.62 g)
    • Materials: Molded silicone, aluminum
    • In the Box: Pencil Sleeve for Apple Pencil, integrated replacement cap
    • Warranty: One Year
  • Compatibility

    • Apple Pencil