WaveGrip Stylus

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WaveGrip Stylus


Ergonomic stylus for touchscreens

Finally, a stylus designed for every body - our WaveGrip comfort stylus.

WaveGrip is designed for anyone who's looking for a more comfortable way to work with a tablet, including those with limited mobility or grip strength.

WaveGrip's elongated barrel is thick in the middle to rest comfortably in your hand, while a contoured fin provides a smooth platform for your thumb. Just above the tip, the barrel flares out and holds your thumb and fingers in a relaxed, natural shape that eliminates the fatigue some experience when using thinner styluses.

The precision conductive rubber tip is shaped to provide proper input to the touchscreen from nearly any angle. So whether you're a righty or a lefty, you'll find WaveGrip as easy and natural to use as a your favorite pen or pencil.


  • Features

    • Unique design for all-day comfort.
    • Precision conductive rubber tip works with capacitive displays from nearly any angle.
    • Comfortable for right- and left-handers.