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Quizzam! makes giving quizzes in the classroom fast and fun.

The flexible, easy-to-use buzz-in app for classrooms lets teachers and students use iPad, iPhone or iPod touch devices in a group setting. This turns teaching, reviewing and testing into a game that keeps students engaged in their learning.

Quizzam! is simple:

  • Connect with your wireless network, create a passcode-protected Classroom, then choose your mode
  • Easy log-in for students
  • Play in two modes:
    Buzz In: Identifies the order in which students buzz in
    Multiple Choice: Identifies which students answer correctly and sorts by speed of response
  • Monitor Participation: Teachers can monitor classroom participation and see when students have not answered, or have left the Quizzam! app
  • Supports an unlimited number of students
  • All you need is the app and your device!

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