Shoe Pouch for Fitbit, Misfit, Sony, & Nike+ fitness trackers


Shoe Pouch delivers a wristband-free workout—wear it on your shoe, waistband, or tank top—while holding your fitness tracker in a secure velcro pocket.

The ultra-light pouch won’t bounce around, and a reflective accent makes you more visible in low-light situations.


  • Features

    • Durable nylon shoe pocket.
    • Attaches securely two ways.
    • Reflective accent for enhanced visibility.
    • Works with Fitbit Flex, Fitbit One, Fitbit Zip, Misfit Shine, Misfit Shine 2 and Misfit Flash, Jawbone UP MOVE, Sony SmartBand SWR10 fitness trackers, Withings Pulse + Pulse O2, Nike+ Sensor or other trackers 28 mm wide X 48 mm tall X 10 mm thick.

  • Compatibility

    • Fitbit Flex
    • Fitbit One
    • Fitbit Zip
    • Jawbone UP MOVE
    • Misfit Flash
    • Misfit Shine
    • Sony SmartBand

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