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Sleeve Cable Organizer


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Sleeve Cable Organizer


Bundle and organize your cables

Inspired by the classic finger trap children's toy, the Sleeve expands to grasp 2 - 4 cables in a neat, tangle-free bundle. Durable strands of PET plastic are braided together to form an abrasion-resistant sleeve that self-closes once your cables are inserted, holding them them neat and tangle-free.

Accommodates a cord bundle up to 30 mm in diameter. Sleeve eliminates the visual clutter and inconvenience of tangles wherever you use it. Use with Griffin's Hanger and Clip Cord Organizers for a clean, custom install-look in your car or truck.


  • Features

    • Expandable braided PET sleeve
    • Grips a cable bundle up to 30 mm in diameter
    • Eliminates tangles and damaging crimps