Survivor CrossGrip for iPad mini, 1/2/3


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Survivor CrossGrip


*Some early packaging may refer to this product as Survivor Play.

It's made of tough silicone, shaped to fit a two-handed gaming grip, while providing extra padding where your iPad needs it most: at the corners. Underneath the silicone, there's a skeleton of stiff polycarbonate plastic that gives it shape and acts like a bulletproof vest for your iPad. Cutouts and raised button covers give you access to the ports, cameras and controls of your iPad. An adjustable shoulder strap clips directly into the polycarbonate skeleton at any of four connection points, to give you lots of handsfree carrying options.

Note: The black version of this case also includes a hand strap, in addition to the shoulder strap.


  • Features

    • Tough silicone absorbs vibrations
    • Internal polycarbonate skeleton provides rigidity and shrugs off impacts
    • Strap adjusts from 30" - 55" (.76m - 1.4m)
    • Rubber button covers keep out windblown sand and dust
    • Ports for front and back cameras
    • Home button cover preserves full functionality
    • Double wedge shape allows two-handed gaming grip
    • Open ports for easy access to controls and connectors
    • Interior molding for shock absorption
    • Adjustable shoulder strap clips into 4 corner connection points
  • Compatibility

    • iPad mini