Survivor Play for Siri Remote

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Survivor Play


Protective, Non-Slip-Grip Apple TV Remote Case for Siri Remote

Get a grip on your gaming with Survivor Play for Siri Remote. The proven, rugged protection that made Survivor famous is now available in a comfortable, easy-to-grip design for your Apple TV’s new Siri Remote.

Ultra-comfortable gaming. - Now that Apple TV has added gaming, your Siri Remote will be working harder than ever. Survivor Play was designed with gaming in mind. Its easy-to grip shape surrounds the remote’s back and edges with impact-absorbing silicone. So just in case things get rowdy while you’re playing Beat Sports, your Siri Remote stays safe.

Protection and comfort where you need it. - Survivor Play for Siri Remote adds extra cushioning on the edges and corners of your Siri Remote. It protects the places most likely to be damaged if you drop the remote. And on the off-chance your Siri Remote goes flying across the room, Survivor Play is designed to keep it safe when it lands.

Hold on tight. - Textured silicone and extra thick grips on the back of the case make Survivor Play for Siri Remote easy and comfortable to hold onto no matter how you hold it, or how long you play.

Nothing gets in your way. - Survivor Play is protection that doesn’t get in your way. Siri Remote’s buttons, touchscreen, mic and Lightning charge port are easy to get at.

What people are saying about Survivor Play:

“The case also adds cushioning and protection for the edges and the corners of the Siri Remote, the places most likely to be damaged should the remote be dropped or flung across the room during a heated gameplay session.” - MacRumors

"Should you feel like your new pad might experience some turbulence in the near future due to pint-sized humans, animals or destructive party guests, consider picking up a rubberized remote sleeve." - TechRadar

“All buttons, touchscreen and Lightning charge port have unrestricted access and it will definitely give piece of mind to those who worry about such things.” - Pocket-lint

“Griffin Technology’s new announcement will make your day…there’s no reason that the Survivor Play won’t prove a hit.”- Trusted Reviews

“The accessory is called Survivor Play for Siri Remote, and it comes courtesy of Griffin Technology, known for its rugged and durable phone and tablet cases.” - Cult of Mac

“While I’m sure the remote will be just fine without a case, there will always be people who want to have that extra protection.” - App Advice


  • Features

    • Materials: Molded silicone
    • In the Box: Survivor Play case
    • Warranty: 1 year
  • Compatibility

    • Apple TV Remote