Every day brings a new challenge. With its rugged construction, 6.6-foot (2-meter) drop protection and weather-resistance built right in, Survivor All-Terrain is heavy-duty, military-standard tested protection.

Survivor Custom

Build your own ultra-protective rugged Survivor. Choose your shell, silicone wrap and clip to create your own unique look. Hundreds of color combinations are possible.

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An All-Terrain for every device

Survivor All-Terrain is available for Apple and Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets. All-Terrain for smartphones includes a rotating clip stand to wear your phone on a belt or strap; the tablet model includes a locking work stand that holds your tablet at the perfect angle for work, typing and watching videos.

“I love this case. I dropped it on concrete and in a water puddle, and my iPad still works!”- Draneo123

“What would a 2-year-old kid do with an electronic device? Drop it, kick it, throw it, and all sorts of stuff. If it weren't for THIS case, the iPad 2 would have been gone a long time ago.”- CoCo

“Super sturdy; worth every penny.”- neve_rmind

Praise for Survivor All-Terrain

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