The peak of rugged protection. At home, at work or off the grid, you’re always into something new. Extreme takes you there. With 10-foot (3-meter) drop tested-, all-conditions protection, Extreme is the peak of protection for whatever you’re doing.

Griffin Technology Survivor Extreme - Drop Demo

Survive 10-foot (3-meter) drops onto concrete.

Designed and tested to protect your phone from 10-foot (3-meter) drops onto concrete. The built-in Impact Dispersion System suspends your phone within the rigid case to cushion it from drop damage.

Griffin Technology Survivor Extreme - Mud Resistant
Griffin Technology Survivor Extreme - Water Resistant

Get wet, get dirty – Extreme’s designed to keep you dry.

Extreme’s sealed shell is designed to prevent rain, dirt, mud, snow and splashes from getting in and harming your phone. All controls are covered. Plus speaker/mic membranes and headphone ports are water-resistant. Don’t sweat the mess. Extreme’s got you covered.

Griffin Technology Survivor Extreme - Slide On

Slide on, seal out the elements.

Extreme's ultra-clear sliding screen shield locks on to protect your phone’s touchscreen. Safe from damage and dirt, your phone’s Touch ID scanner is protected too.

Griffin Technology Survivor Extreme - Four Layers of Protection

Four layers, one tough case.

Extreme's outer layer resists scuffs and wear but easily slides into your pocket. The shatterproof shell prevents dents. The silicone inner ring absorbs drop forces. And the hard screen shield locks on to keep your touchscreen safe.

Griffin Technology Survivor Extreme - Belt Clip

Clip in, hang on.

Extreme's holster-style clip locks on to your belt or bag strap to keep your phone close and secure. The clip rotates and locks open to prop Extreme at the perfect angle for watching videos or making FaceTime calls.

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