Survivor Slim for HTC One (M8), black with white trim


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Survivor Slim


Mil-Spec Rugged Case Slimmed Down for the Street

Survivor Slim surrounds your phone in in a durable, flexible silicone jacket for shock absorption. Beneath that, a layer of shatter-resistant polycarbonate for structural strength. Control buttons are covered, while ports and connectors remain open and accessible. The included screen shield protects your touchscreen while you use it.

Survivor Slim is designed to pass rigorous tests. For Shock/Drop, the device and case must be repeatedly dropped onto a concrete floor from a height of 6 ft. For vibration, the tests subject Survivor Slim and phone to 18 hrs of bone-shaking vibration, from 20 to 2000 cycles per second. Survivor Slim's design is tested and proven to protect your mobile device under conditions like these, far tougher (we hope!) than your phone will encounter in real life.

Survivor Slim is part of Griffin's Survivor line of enhanced-protection cases.


  • Features

    • Dual-material construction: Silicone jacket with polycarbonate inner shell
    • Rubber button covers protect without limiting access
    • Raised Home button preserves full functionality
    • Textured silicone provides grip
    • Shaped to fit your hand
    • Slim profile to slip easily in and out of your pocket
    • Tough silicone layer absorbs vibrations
    • Rigid polycarbonate shell deflects impacts