Uncompromised protection for
Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime

Crowd-surfing selfie fails. Tumbles down stairs. A lot can happen in 7 feet. Which is why Survivor Strong is built to meet or exceed Military Standard 810-G standards for durability and protection.


Protective from the inside out

Survivor Strong’s dual-material snap-on shell uses Griffin's exclusive Impact Dispersion System to protect your J3 Prime within its shatter-resistant shell and keeps it safe from impacts.

Light meets strong

There’s strength in that ultra-slim profile. Barely tipping the scale at less than two ounces, Survivor Strong is light, but delivers heavy-duty protection.


One strong two-layer shell

Inside, Survivor Strong surrounds your phone in a rigid, dent-preventing polycarbonate shell. Outside, a scuff-proof, sure-grip layer is easy to hold onto, but slides easily into your pocket.

Your Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime is amazing. Keep it looking that way with Survivor Strong.